Digital Transformation of Public Sector

Cases and Best Practices

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Digital transformation of the global economy


Digital transformation remains one of the key priorities of the global economy. The process includes not only the integration of new technologies and solutions into the operations and processes of companies and organizations, but also the adoption of new practices and types of management, re-distribution of responsibilities and powers, as well as interaction with external counterparties.

Gartner estimates that the total investments in IT infrastructure and technologies will reach 4.6 trillion US dollars in 2023.

It is also expected that in 2023 more than half of the world's GDP would be produced by companies and organizations that have undergone digital transformation.

In the short term only private investments in digital transformation will total 3.4 trillion US dollars.

According to some estimates, the global economic effect of the digital transformation of public administration can reach $1 trillion per year.

Digital transformation is a key priority for the public sector

New approaches to public administration

The complexity of economic, social, political, demographic and other processes requires both new approaches to public administration, as well as new methods and technologies for analyzing and processing the information, creating a strategic vision and defining the priorities

Cases and Best Practices


Digital Transformation of Public Sector:

Cases and Best Practices

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